Digital Images & CD Image

Our Minimum pixel resolution is 2592x1728 = (4.5 Mega Pixels). This is the size we use in our lab production. The resolution is stated on our website and proof cards. Many images will open up as 72dpi (dots per inch) as default in an image program, however they will still have a resolution of ie. 2592x1728 = 4.5M Pixels.

Don’t confuse the size on the screen with the print resolution or image quality. What matters is pixels per inch. If you have at least 200ppi (pixels per inch) in any print size you select (Example for an 10x8 inch print, that means an image file size of at least 1600x2000). Use a suitable printer to ensure an high quality print.

For more understanding of image resolution, please refer to the internet at Google “why jpg appear to be 72 dpi.” Depending on your type of photo pose, your image file size received via email will range from 1Mb to 2.5Mb. However, your image will still be guaranteed with the above pixels.

RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when a photo is taken. Braiswick photographic shoot in controlled lighting environment and produce school photos in high volume, due to our workflow we do not shoot in raw and it is not posible to offer our customers raw format option.


Error when download digital image

Copy full url, including all letters and numbers after img=^ directly to a new web page address bar.


How to save my digital image

Windows: click on download image link, in new web page, right mouse click, save image.

Mac: click on download image link, in new web page, Control-click the image. Choose Save Image to Downloads, Save Image As, or Add Image to Photos.

*Image with be in your downloads folder or in your selected folder.

Mobile device ( tablet + touch phone) touch link, new page with image will load. Touch on image and hold for 2 sec, menu will appear, save image.

For more information please search your device model and application on the internet for more details.