How to order

1. Visit the web page by typing - ‘Braiswickdirect’ in the address bar along the top or manually typing ‘’ into it.

2. Enter the barcode and pass code that are both shown on your proof card.

3. After entering the barcode and passcode, it should load your image(s) that are seen on the proof card.

4. Add the packs/panels you wish to purchase.

5. Once you have added the item to the basket it should automatically re route you to your basket to continue.

6. If more packs are required from the same proof card then you can carry on shopping by clicking ‘continue shopping.’

7. After this, it will direct you back to your ordering screen where you can then add your next item.

8. After adding all of the items to the basket, proceed to checkout.

9. The next screen will then ask if you have previously registered.

10. If yes it will ask you to just log in with the details you used previously.

11. If no, you will be asked to input your information.

12. After either logging in or registering, it will then automatically direct you to review your order before you process your payment via Sagepay. Here you have to confirm your child’s name and class. This information is used when returning the order. Changing your order if the order is wrong, this can be updated by clicking the update link. circled blue.

13. After you hit ‘place order’ it will re-direct you to Sagepay for you to enter your payment card details.

14. Enter you payment with SagePay. Wait for SagePay to confirm payment.